Rio Grande

Rafting down the Rio Grande is a common activity visitors to Jamaica embark upon to soak up some rays and culture in ease and style. The trip from the town of Berrydale in the hills to Rafter’s Rest on the coast at times takes two and a half hours, a slow idyllic meander through rain forests and farmland on a thirty-foot raft steered expertly by a local “captain”. Wide and shallow with rocky banks, the Rio Grande is an ideal location to spy the local wading birds. Snowy Egrets and Little Blue Herons appear around every bend, often intent on spearing a piscine snack.

Along the way, stop for a cool dip, enjoy a cold beverage or stop to chat with singing washerwomen and giggling children. There is often an enterprising fellow with a “Red Stripe” raft selling Red Stripe beer, soft drinks and even wine. There’s always a pleasant surprise along the way, so do indulge your senses in an afternoon of luxury, and soak up the natural tropical beauty. Some of the best vistas one will ever see is while rafting down this beautiful gorge. This valley is exceedingly fertile as one can tell by the exceedingly lush flora and fauna that decorate the surroundings. When in the Port Antonio area rafting down the Rio Grande should definitely be part of the visit.