Buff Bay Valley

They say that we are products of our heritage as it helps to shape what we are today. Nestled deep in rural Jamaica amidst the backdrop of the spectacular Blue Mountains – Jamaica’s Highest Mountain Range – is the Buff Bay Valley. All along this 20-mile corridor you meet warm and engaging people who with the lush and transcendent landscape and rich cultural and historical legacy are part of the allure connecting past and present.

Descending from the montane mist forest at 4,000 feet above sea level, to the traditional fishing seaport of Buff Bay, travelers along the Valley find themselves escorted by the meandering Buff Bay River, numerous cascading roadside waterfalls and magnificent post card panoramas. On and off the beaten path are nature trails with lush vegetation much of it endemic to the island, caves, more waterfalls, historical buildings, agricultural displays and demonstration facilities and well preserved Maroon traditions.

This is a little piece of Jamaica with an interesting story to tell.

The districts that make up the Buff Bay Valley are direct descendants of our slavery past and in particular the resistance movement championed by the Maroons. During the plantation era the Valley was littered with estates, whose names are still borne by the successor communities there today. Remnants of this slavery past still dot the area. At the foot of the Valley is Charles Town, a Maroon settlement, which was founded by Quou, one of the right hand men of Nanny – the Supreme Maroon leader. Maroons are communities of blacks who escaped plantation slavery and established settlements in hilly or mountainous.

It is this natural and man-made heritage that colors our Mountain corridor. Here, small villages and districts retain much of the traditional rural lifestyle and customs. Coffee, brought originally by Haitians after the revolution, is still the dominant crop and the basis of the famous Blue Mountain Coffee.  The lush and fruitful Buff Bay Valley produces a variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs and root crops. These are made into tasty dishes reminiscent of grandma’s cooking. And almost everywhere in this Valley you can hear the sounds of nature, the meandering river and breeze whistling through the leaves beckoning you to experience more.

So we invite you to come, climb into a refreshing waterfall and rejuvenate. Hike a mountain trail and inhale the freshness of nature. Chill by the riverside. Soak in the beautiful vistas or just relax. Learn a little about bee keeping or traditional herbs at one the agricultural information sites. Take a history tour through the Maroon Museum. Whatever your interest – nature, adventure, heritage, culture, food and relaxation – there is something for you in the Buff Bay Valley.

The Buff Bay Valley intends to offer World Class standards of service targeted at ethical travelers who travel with a conscience, appreciate Green Tourism and enjoy and healthy lifestyle. In return, we offer five package tours, four supporting facilities and over 35 different sites.

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