Somerset Falls

A blend of tranquility, entertainment and fine cuisine, Somerset Falls offers beautiful untouched scenery, peaceful nature, and cool vibes.  The first things you notice as you enter the tranquil experience of Somerset Falls are the magnificent colours of the numerous exotic birds and tropical flowers you pass along the riverside path to the top falls.

Meditation spots and sitting areas along the way invite you to sit back, relax, and let the natural surroundings envelope you. Learn about the varieties of plants and their uses from our informative guides while they escort you to the top falls.

Once at the top, step into the awaiting boat to start your journey into another world which we call ‘the hidden falls’. Make sure to get your camera ready! The beauty of the Bridal Veil Falls will take your breath away as you slowly pass their delicate descent. As the boat rounds the corner, you will enter the cave of the hidden falls. Enjoy a waterfall massage, a dive off the rocks into cool waters, or just a relaxing immersion into the beauty of the cave.

Newly introduced is our river rafting; short but sweet. Lean back, relax and enjoy being piloted in one of our handmade authentic bamboo river rafts to where the Danny River spills into the Caribbean Sea. Feast your eyes on the lush foliage the parish of Portland is famous for.  Experience tranquility, beauty, adventure – all in one location.

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