Frenchmans Cove

Frenchman’s Cove Hotel was built by the Canadian Westons in 1960. It was an exclusive  resort in the San San area and  was the first all inclusive hotel in the world catering to mainly Royalties and famed guests. There is a Great House consisting of the  restaurant where daily continental breakfast is served and which is included in your accommodation rates. There are 12 rooms on the Great House with  a lounge for relaxation or reading. . There are 16 other private one and two bedroom villas dotted all over the 45 acres providing maximum  tranquility  and privacy for their guests.

The famous  beach is said to be one of the most beautiful and exquisite in the Caribbean. with a gentle stream flowing on to the beach and  into the sea.. There is a newly renovated restaurant on the beach which  serves  delicious Burgers and sandwiches , Jerk chicken , Escovitch Fish and Lobster.The entrance fee for the beach is $10 US per person but free for hotel guests.