Dickie’s Best Kept Secret

Dickie’s Best Kept Secret is run by Dickie Butler in a quaint cottage which is built in to the cliffs West of Port Antonio. Most of the decorations are crafted by local artists and many of them were actually designed by Dickie himself. The name “Best Kept Secret” comes from the restaurant’s out-of-the-way location. However, after 30 years in business, the secret is well and truly out, with plenty of word-of-mouth business passing through the doors. The restaurant offers five course meals which must be ordered well in advance. Five course lunches are also offered, as are Jamaican and European breakfasts. Diners need to call ahead in order to place their order so that supplies can be purchased / caught and cooked in time for dinner. Dickie will do all he can to accommodate diners who don’t call in advance but this can not be guaranteed. Dickie’s Best Kept Secret, Port Antonio Most of the cooking is done by Dickie who honed his skills at some of the best hotels in Jamaica, including the Ritz Carlton, Frenchman’s Cove and Trident.