Likkle Portie

Looking to dine seaside? Then cross the street and visit our new Likkle Portie restaurant located right on the beach where the river spills into the Caribbean Sea.

Whether escovietch, steamed, or brown stewed fish; garlic, curried, or grilled lobster – one thing we guarantee is it is all fresh! Unloaded from the fishing boats right in front of Likkle Portie the fresh catch of the day will be cooked over the open fire and will satisfy your hunger every time.

While waiting for your food, enjoy a genteel ride down the Daniel River on an authentic hand-made bamboo raft. Start out near the old stone columns where the original bridge for the railroad track stood and continue down the soothing sweet river waters. You will be entertained by watching your raft being piloted with your captain using a large bamboo pole. Pass under trees whose branches hang so low you can pick the flowers blooming among the leaves. Lean back and enjoy your river rafting ride back into history.

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